ROPE TRICK is the term given by physicist John Malik to the curious lines and spikes which emanate from the fireball of certain nuclear explosions just after detonation.


The new Philadephia-based psych rock duo is comprised of Indrayudh Shome (guitar, vocals) and Nathanael Totushek (drums), members of Queen Elephantine who are described by Rolling Stone India as “mind-expanding” and by Terrorizer Magazine as “incredible,” as well as the international group Ayahuasca Dark Trip.

For fans of Fela Kuti, Colour Haze, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Lightning Bolt, Queens of the Stone Age.


“Epic journeys to the center of the mind. If Jandek fronted Cream but kind of forgot where he was it might sound something like this. This album is all you ever wanted, and more.”  —The Noise Boston (Read More)

“Marked by low-end groove and swells of volume and thrust, ROPE TRICK invites listeners along with its bounce of drums and flourish of almost surf-style guitar, topped by drawn-out vocals… Gradually developing but not moving slowly by any means… jazzy, loose-swinging, but never without a sense of direction behind it.”  The Obelisk (Read more)


MARCH/APRIL ▼ East Coast
*w/ darsombra

3/30 – Providence RI, AS220*
3/31 – Brooklyn NY* Don Pedro*
4/1 – Philadelphia PA, Shred Shed*
4/2 – Baltimore MD, The Crown*

APRIL ▼ West Coast

4/14 – Seattle WA, Blue Moon Cafe
4/15 – Portland OR, High Water Mark
4/16 – Eugene OR, Black Forest
4/18 – Sacramento CA, Starlite Lounge
4/19 – San Francisco CA, El Rio
4/21 – Los Angeles CA, Cafe NELA
4/23 – Anaheim, CA, Doll Hut